Ingunn Arnórsdóttir – named the first educated woman in Iceland


Ingunn Arnórsdóttir was an Icelandic scholar and teacher in the 12th century. She is said to be the first woman in Iceland educated in Latin and other scholarly topics equally to males. She was at Hólar in North Iceland and is a contempory of Jón bishop Ögmundsson.  

As well as teaching young priests Latin, Ingunn embroidered and is believed to have, among other things, sewed vestments decorated with the story of Saint Mary and St. Martin. Both of these vestments now belong to  foreign collections.

Ingunn has been mentioned as one of the sources of monk Oddur Snorrason at Þingeyrar monestary for his composition of the saga of King Ólafur Tryggvason.

Ingunnarskóli in Grafarholt in Reykjavík is named after Ingunn Arnórsdóttir.