Ú á fasismann - og fleiri ljóð


Myndljóðabók. Bókinni fylgir geisladiskur með hljóðaljóðum.

Úr Ú á fasismann:

Jónas is ready
Jónas is the new kid on the block
Jónas is here
Jónas is the man
Jónas is loved
Jónas is so loved
Jónas is a master
Jónas is unmistakable
Jónas is another
Jónas is exactly what young people today call a softy
Jónas is just not listening to the beat
Jónas is in full tantrum

Jónas is one of the best of the young writers who breathe a new freshness into the traditional
Jónas is responsible for new product delvelopment
Jónas is also a complex character
Jónas is an adolescent living in a world that has a decidedly futuristic feel
Jónas is currently gearing up for his assault on the world this fall
Jónas is available for media interviews

Jónas is confused with everything that's going on
Jónas is apprehensive because he has no idea what assignment he will receive

Jónas is a good big brother
Jónas is up to his old tricks searching for monsters
Jónas is a purely external frame
Jónas is gone