Christmas in Reykjavík

Advent and Christmas in Reykjavík has never been as exciting, eventful and decorative as it will be this year. The City of Reykjavík decided to take the Christmas preparation a step further by enhancing the Christmas City in collaboration with various partners throughout the Reykjavík Capital Area. The theme of the Christmas in Reykjavík is based on Icelandic folklore; the Christmas Creatures. They appeared for the first time last Advent when they were projected onto walls in several places in the city. The City of Reykjavík decided to honor Iceland storytelling by using the Christmas Creatures in the city´s Christmas decorations en encourage people to tell stories about those funny creatures from our past; on the thirteen Icelandic Yule Lads, who are both entertaining and boisterous troublemakers, their parents, Grýla and Leppalúði, who are bad tempered mountain trolls and the terrifying Yule Cat.  A new Christmas Creature will also appear in December in connection with Christmas activities by the old harbor. The city is full of various events, concerts, markets, crafts and Christmas lights in December. There are also all kinds of “Christmas Parcels“ for the locals and visitors alike  throughout the city which contain various events, culture and experiences. The Christmas Valley, Christmas Market, Christmas Forest, Christmas harbour and Christmas Island are all part of the wonderful Christmas Parcels around the city. More investment has been put into Christmas lighting and decorations will be visible than ever in an old fashioned style with white Christmas lights, bells and numerous Christmas trees. Visit Reykjavík has on this occasion opened a new website, which is full of information about the Christmas in Reykjavík, events and concerts in Reykjavík, the Christmas Parcels and the boisterous Christmas Creatures.  The website is available both in English and Icelandic.