Creative Cities Network

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network connects cities who want to share experiences, ideas and best practices for cultural, social and economic development. Cities may apply to be endorsed by the Network and join the programme to ensure their continued role as centres of excellence and to support other cities, particularly those in developing countries, in nurturing their own creative economy.
The following cities are members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network:

UNESCO Cities of Literature

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.

Melbourne, Australia

Dublin, Ireland

Reykjavík, Iceland

Norwich, England

Krakow, Poland

UNESCO Cities of Film

Bradford, U.K.

Sydney, Australia

UNESCO Cities of Music

Bogota, Colombia

Bologna, Italy

Ghent, Belgium

Glasgow, Scotland

Seville, Spain

UNESCO Cities of Crafts and Folk Art

Aswan, Egypt

Kanazawa, Japan

Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Icheon, South Korea

Seville, Spain

Hangzhou, China

UNESCO Cities of Design

Berlin, Germany

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kobe, Japan

Montreal, Canada

Nagoya, Japan

Shenzhen, China

Shanghai, China

Seoul, South Korea

Saint-Etienne, France

Graz, Austria

UNESCO City of Media Arts

Lyon, France

UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy

Popayan, Colombia

Chengdu, China

Östersund, Sweden